Iowa Conference Conversations podcast

Iowa Conference Conversations podcast

October 17, 2017

Iowa Conference Conversations podcast is now available on both iTunes and Google Play music.  “Thanks to the extraordinary work of Wil Ranney, ‘Conversations’ will be more widely available and something you can subscribe to,” said Dr. Arthur McClanahan, the Conference’s Director of Communications.

Some 63 “Conversations” are posted, as of October 17, 2018.  The episodes range from brief three-minute dialogues to ten-minute interviews, to a few extended conversations and presentations.  Most feature newsmakers from within the Iowa Conference and some are with special guests like Ken Willard talking about discipleship pathways, Rev. Adam Weber discussing his then newly-published book, Talking with God, or Dr. Gene Hoy, a retired doctor of veterinary medicine who led the animal care at the Knapp Learning Center during the Iowa State Fair.

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