JFON National Board of Trustees member gives thanks

August 15, 2017

The work of Justice for Our Neighbors is a fascinating effort on the part of many diverse groups throughout the country.  A challenging job is made harder in a climate of fear and suspicion such as we see surrounding us in these times.  Even those that truly qualify for legal status and assistance approach completing the required tasks with caution from apprehension about what might change tomorrow.  Such is the world JFON serves.  The honor of serving on the National Board of Trustees has helped to open my eyes to the amazing work being done by the attorneys in the sites located across the country.  Although the needs may be similar, the environments are many and varied.  The shortage of financial resources is never ending and sadly impacts the number of clients JFON is able to serve.  The needs for providing education concerning immigration and those facing refugee status along with advocating for the needs of the many that do not qualify for services are either beyond the scope of our legal work or exhausting to the limited staff giving there services to these causes.
It would be easy to become disillusioned were it not for the tireless efforts of those involved.  I am continually amazed with what is accomplished for so many with such limited resources.  The staff members working at the JFON centers are compassionate and caring individuals.  Add to that the hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers who donate so much to the coordination and operation of each of the clinic sites, one cannot but be humbled and encouraged about the possibilities for the future.  A simple thank you is totally inadequate to the appreciation owed, but must be tirelessly expressed.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!!
John Rothlisberger