Letter from Rev. Moody Colorado: Mabaan Flood Relief

March 02, 2020

The South Sudan is the newest nation in the world but has struggled as a fledgling country due to fighting among their leadership. The Mabaan speaking ethnic group occupies Mabaan County of the Northern Upper Nile State. In July 2019, heavy rainfall from a weather phenomenon called the Indian Ocean Dipole flooded the war-torn county and an estimated 420,000 people have been displaced.

Dear Pastors,

The Joy and Peace of Christ be with you.
Bishop Laurie Haller and the Cabinet has endorsed the request of the Mabaan people of South Sudan. The flooding occurred in July 2019 but the waters remained until now and so many people’s lives are in ruins.
Please see the report of Bishop Laurie Haller in the following link: http://www.lauriehaller.org/hope-for-our-mabaan-sisters-and-brothers/
The Iowa Annual Conference is responding to this specific need. The goal is to raise $200,000 by June 30, 2020. District Conferences are tasked to raise at least $20,000.
Please consider an intentional campaign for this worthy cause.
Thank you. May God reward you for your efforts in helping the Mabaan people.
Very truly yours,
Rev. Moody Colorado
District Superintendent, Iowa Conference
South Central District

Iowa Conference Website: iaumc.org, click top of page www.iaumc.org/MFR