Mabaan Flood Relief Fund Raiser Update

Mabaan Flood Relief Fund Raiser Update

August 29, 2020

Representatives from the Greater Mabaan Community and the Iowa Annual Conference United Methodist Church met on Saturday, August 15, 2020, to discuss future plans for the Mabaan Flood Relief. 

In reviewing the current status of the Mabaan fundraiser, the Iowa Conference has raised $13,363 and the Mabaan community $5,000.

The plan is for at least one Iowa Mabaan, Maya Dinga, with the possibility of a second Iowa Mabaan, to travel to Juba, South Sudan the first few days in December with a stay of one month. The Humanitarian and Development Consortium in Juba, South Sudan is being asked to receive Iowa funds. Upon arrival in Juba, the Iowa Mabaans would then come to collect the Iowa funds from HDC. These two individuals would be tasked with the purchase of designated items as food, tarps, tools, seeds, and household items for distribution in Mabaan County. 

Because our funds are smaller than anticipated we Iowans are going to continue fundraising efforts until November 23, 2020. Our goal is $20,000 to help those Mabaans who have suffered the flood, the COVID-19, and new flooding during this rainy season.

Even with the COVID-19 and the Derecho storm affecting our Iowans and religious services/activities, we know that there are funds available from our United Methodist Churches and individuals. Several news articles by Bishop Laurie, Katherine Yarnell of the Iowa United Methodist Foundation, and a webinar with Rev. Ron Carlson discuss the rationale for charitable giving are available on for your consideration. 

Gifts may be sent to the Iowa Conference Office, 2301 Rittenhouse St., Des Moines 50321. Please designated #55321 (Mabaan Flood Relief) MFR on the memo line. You may also give online at Thank you in advance for your generosity to this fundraiser.