Mabaan Flood Relief fundraiser put aside at the present time

Mabaan Flood Relief fundraiser put aside at the present time

April 20, 2020

Bishop Haller and the Cabinet have agreed that the Mabaan Flood Relief fundraiser should be put aside at the present time. With the disruptions of normal activities, financial stress on our economy, and churches unable to meet during the COVID-19 period, many are not able to respond to this fundraiser.  

The Mabaan speaking tribal group number in the hundreds here in Des Moines. Their home country/county was ravaged by a 6-month long flood which destroyed their livelihood and homes. The Iowa Annual Conference was asked to help in funding some short-term supplies and materials for their family and friends back in their homeland. 

Mabaan Flood Relief (MFR) committee was formed and media materials are available to help tell the story of the flood in the Upper Nile State of the South Sudan. The original goal was to raise $200,000. An offering will be taken at our annual conference session, whenever that event is to be held.    

If you know of people in your area, district, or committees who might appreciate the opportunity to give to the Mabaan Flood Relief, please direct them to where they can find out more information about the Mabaan disaster. 

You may send gifts to the Iowa Conference Treasurer, 2301 Rittenhouse St., Des Moines 50321 on the Memo line put: 53321-MF or you can donate online. Your gift will be a blessing to those unknown Mabaan Christians in a land far away! 

We extend our prayers to the Mabaan community both here in Iowa, the United States, and in their homeland.