Mabaan Flood Relief Update

Mabaan Flood Relief Update

May 13, 2021

By Beverly Nolte

Pastor Aaron Limmo traveled to Juba, South Sudan on Saturday, May 1, and was met by two trusted Mabaan friends who have been part of the flood relief team. Due to testing positive twice for covid, Maya Dinga was unable to travel. 

With funds received through Dahabshiil on Monday, May 3, Limmo indicates that they were able to purchase items such as tents, mosquito nets, food, and charcoal while in Juba which was then sent up to Mabaan county. Due to heavy rains, they were delayed in flying to Bunj but have now begun distribution to the various villages that suffered drastically from the 2019 flood.

They have several teams of men assisting them. Continued rains have also hampered their distribution so Limmo has asked for permission to remain an additional week to continue the delivery process. He is now scheduled to return to Iowa on May 25. 

May our prayers continue to follow him and the teams as they bring hope to their country persons thanks to the efforts of Iowa United Methodists.