Support the Iowa/Nigeria Partnership

Support the Iowa/Nigeria Partnership

March 09, 2016

By Sue Kromminga
Photos courtesy of John Penna and Chris Congdon

An intentional decision and a step of faith make all things possible with God’s help.  This story is shared with you to encourage you to become a partner of The Iowa Nigeria Partnership.

It's a Brand New Day at Living Faith Parish of Monona!

For many years, the missions and outreach to the community and the world were very limited by the three congregations that make up the Living Faith Parish in Monona, Iowa. The annual Thanksgiving Ingathering was supported but the leaders of Living Faith Parish came to a decision point. They made the decision and commitment to one another and to God to invest their hearts, hands and lives in mission to God’s people. 

It started with a mission trip to the inner city of Kansas City for hands-on mission with their marginalized and neglected brothers and sisters. 

Next was a leap of faith. They partnered with First United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls to build a medical clinic in Nigeria. They donated $5,000. Within a short time, they saw how their response to God’s command to love their neighbors was making a tremendous difference—not to just in Nigeria but in their individual and corporate life together as the church and beyond, into the community. 

Their decision was intentional. Their actions supported their decision. This is not the end of their story.
Living Faith Parish was intentional. What is your church doing to make an intentional effort to answer the call found in Acts 1:8?
8 But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit
has come upon you;
and you shall be my witnesses in
Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria
and to the end of the earth.

You can get in touch with members of The Iowa Nigeria Partnership to learn more about the ministry by contacting:  Sue Kromminga, 319-269-4643; Julie Kinsella, 563-564-6044; or Mark Fransdal, 319-269-5580. We are available to provide a program or worship for your church.
The Iowa Nigeria Partnership welcomes the support. Money may be safely sent through your local church to the Conference Treasurer marked: INP, #230. You may also indicate if you would like to have it used in one of 3 areas:  Church to Village Relationships, Village Wells, and Banyam Theological Seminary.