Midwest Mission Responds to Disaster Relief in Kentucky, Three Shipments Out

Midwest Mission Responds to Disaster Relief in Kentucky, Three Shipments Out
Midwest Mission loaded a semi-trailer with supplies and medical equipment weighing in at 28,266 lbs. and valued at $226,128.00 to Pikeville, Ky. They worked with the Pike County Rotary Club.

August 27, 2022


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Midwest Mission, located just outside Chatham, IL continues to answer the call to help with disaster relief in flooded areas of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky. After receiving requests for help from three Kentucky organizations in the middle of the disaster declared areas, Midwest Mission went into action and will continue to send disaster relief supplies as requested by its partners. Donate by texting “Donate” to 855-589-1314 or go to midwestmission.org/donate.

Aug. 15, 2022 – Kentucky Mountain Mission is a conservative, independent, evangelical faith Mission that ministers in the southeastern town of in Beattyville, Ky. It was hit hard by the recent flooding. Supplies purchased by and/or donated to Midwest Mission were sent to help take care of basic needs and clean-up efforts. The semi-trailer was filled with: shovels, flashlights, hammers, and other tools, weighing in at 645 lbs. Other items sent were: 5175 trash bags in crates, 47,400 disposable face masks, 1080 scrubber sponges, 480 18-gallon totes with lids, 53 twin-sized sheet sets with 2 pillow cases/set, 30 twin-sized sheet sets, which included flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase, 6720 tubes of Hello toothpaste, 53 cases of Goop sanitizer, 67 cases of household cleaner, 180 Tornado Kit assembly - Rubbermaid Totes and Lids and miscellaneous cleaning supplies. The total weight of supplies was 11,465 lbs., valued at $91,755.60

Aug. 16, 2022 – Midwest Mission received a list of specific supplies needed in Pikeville, Ky. and filled a semi-trailer with medical supplies, wipes, and sanitizer weighing in at 28,266 lbs. and valued at $226,128.00 to Pikeville, Ky. The shipment was coordinated through Rotary International and the Pikeville Rotary Club. The devastation of the massive flooding has claimed upwards of 40 lives. Many families have lost homes, jobs, businesses, and more.

Aug. 24, 2022 – Henderson Settlement is a Mission Institution of the Red Bird Missionary Conference. It was the recipient of the most recent Kentucky shipment. This load included: 683 lbs. of furniture/furnishings, 720 UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) hygiene kits, 720 tubes of Hello toothpaste, 480 UMCOR school kits, and 180 completed UMCOR cleaning buckets. The total weight of this shipment was 3400 lbs., valued at 430,692.00.

Please donate to Midwest Mission. The donations allow Midwest Mission to help those affected by disasters all over the world and makes it possible to continue sending relief shipments when requests are received.

Executive Director Chantel Corrie says, “Please remember disaster response, especially of this magnitude, is not a sprint but a marathon. If you assume what others need, you can clog the transportation and storage of items that are more important or create a disaster within a disaster. That’s why we only work with trusted, established partners, so we can be sure to send what is actually needed. Donate by texting “Donate” to 855-589-1314 or go to midwestmission.org/donate.

About Midwest Mission Distribution Center
Since opening in 2000, Midwest Mission has been bringing the hearts and hands of God's people together to transform resources into humanitarian and disaster relief through the distribution of education, health, micro business, and disaster relief supplies around the world and around the corner. In 2021, Midwest Mission sent out over $5,981,160 in supplies in 33 international and 256 domestic shipments. For every $1 spent, $7.66 of in-kind supplies were sent to people in crisis around the world and around the corner. To learn more or to donate, go to www.midwestmission.org.