Midwest Missions will be at AC2022 so you can "Fill The Truck"

Midwest Missions will be at AC2022 so you can

March 17, 2022

Midwest Missions is sending their truck to the 2022 Iowa Annual Conference session on June 4-5 for drive-up and drop-off donations to "Fill The Truck!"

Specific items they are asking for are donations of gently used non-electric tools, liquid dish soap, liquid laundry detergent, and liquid all-purpose cleaners. They will also be accepting any other donations they normally accept. Midwest Missions has a list of those items and kits on their website.

In addition to the Midwest Missions' Fill the Truck, Pastor Keith Pitts from Delhi/Buck Creek UMC, is working with them to find used fire equipment to donate to Guatemala to keep their firefighters safe and to continue their work. Local fire departments frequently have supplies they no longer use or need that can be donated to Guatemala. If your local fire department has equipment they can donate, all supplies will be sent to Guatemala. Contact your local fire department to see if they have any supplies to donate. For more information, see the Midwest Missions flyer.