Monroe UM Church donates 1000 face masks

Monroe UM Church donates 1000 face masks
120 face masks made by Monroe United Methodist Church. Image courtesy of Van Dickens.

September 08, 2020

Submitted by Van Dickens, Monroe United Methodist Church

“We are a friendly, faithful, loving family dedicated to sharing God’s love with our neighbor.”

The Nurture and Outreach Committee of the Monroe United Methodist Church began Operation Face Mask on April 13 with the goal of providing free face masks to the community.

We began by offering sewing kits with directions, fabric, elastic, etc., so individuals could make their own face masks. We also had no-sew kits with directions, fabric, etc., for those not wanting to sew their own mask. This quickly evolved to simply providing ready-made masks.

Monroe Foods, our local grocery store, was excited to partner with us by providing a place where the masks would be available for safer shopping and to take home. Masks were also made and delivered to the front porch of many of our church members.

As of July, one thousand masks have been made, with more in the making.
Wear your mask and stay safe!