New beginnings—help a new missionary begin her career

New beginnings—help a new missionary begin her career

March 03, 2022

Looking for a United Methodist missionary to support? Interested in helping a “new” missionary begin a mission career? Want to reach out and touch three small, rural Costa Rican churches as they restart worship and church activities?

With the approval of Global Ministries, our Mission Education Committee offers United Methodist missionary Bruna Farát Kakalé, a young Brazilian woman with mission experience in Chile, Venezuela, and Niger. She has worked with indigenous people, supported local church ministries, and as a social project manager.

Bruna arrived in Costa Rica in October 2021 to be a community developer serving Siquirres, Cairo, and Pacuarito, all located in farming areas where pineapple, bananas (sent to the U.S), and corn are grown.  

Local churches, mission committees, and interested mission-minded individuals may have “new beginnings” as they reach out to touch the life of Bruna. Be in mission with her through your prayers and financial support.  

You may send gifts to Advance GCFA, P.O. Box 9068, New York NY 10087. Clearly designate “BRUNA FARAT KAKALE and #3022593. You can also donate quickly and easily online on the UMC Global Ministries website by clicking here.

Let’s support Bruna as we start “new beginnings” of mission service together!  

Read about Bruna's journey in her February 2022 newsletter.