News from Douglas E. Williams, Iowa missionary in Argentina

News from Douglas E. Williams, Iowa missionary in Argentina

March 01, 2022

Douglas Williams, who served here in the Iowa Conference before going to Argentina as a Global Ministries missionary sent an email notifying that a big hail story went through  on February 23, 2022 in Mendoza causing a room and wall to collapse at Colegio Alberto Schweitzer

Dear Friends,
Mendoza is known for its generally great weather, but when it gets bad it gets really bad.  We have two events that stir up without a lot of notice. Rain/hail storms and the Viento Zonda which are high winds that drop over the Andes at huge velocity.   

Well yesterday, we had a huge storm here in Mendoza and left behind some pretty disastrous results. A roof slid off and wall collapsed in Colegio Schweitzer yesterday. Fortunately no one was hurt. We have no electricity in the school and it's closed until we can make repairs. The school is asking for help to clean up and make repairs so that they can get back to what they do best, give children a great Christian value based education. 

If anyone would like to give to the clean up and rebuilding effort, they can give to UMC special advance 3022416. If you want to send immediate help you can wire money through Western Union. Include in your email that advises me of the transfer your clear intent for the gift. Send to: Douglas Evan Williams, Mendoza Argentina dni #95557069). 

Regardless of financial help we value your prayers!!  Especially for the students and staff who were so shocked by the experience. We are petitioning UMCOR to help us out with some funds.  We don't know how much it all with cost until we get folks into make estimates.  

Grace and Peace
Douglas Williams