Next Good Idea Webinars focus on small churches and youth ministry

Next Good Idea Webinars focus on small churches and youth ministry

April 17, 2020

4/21/2020: Small Church Struggles & Solutions  

Small Church Struggles & Solutions - Are you part of a small church? Have you felt like the resources and ideas offered to deal with Covid-19 are not possible for you? Do you have some ideas that have worked for your small church you would like to share with others? If so join us for a Good Idea Webinar titled Small Church Struggles & Solutions using this link 

Small membership and rural churches have faced unique challenges during the COVID-19 outbreak. During this webinar, we’ll talk about how they can utilize their strengths to overcome these challenges and lead in unique and creative ways.  Our guest will be Rev. Allen Stanton, Executive Director of the Turner Center at Martin Methodist College. Before coming to Martin Methodist College, he served as the pastor of a small United Methodist Congregation in North Carolina. Prior to serving in the local church, he served as the Rural Church Fellow at the Institute for Emerging Issues, a non-partisan public-policy think tank at N.C. State University. At the Turner Center, Allen focuses on how rural churches can become leaders in economic and community development and build strong community partnerships. Allen has written for a variety of publications, including Practical Matters, Faith and Leadership, and Ministry Matters. He is currently completing his first book, Reclaiming Rural, for publication in late 2020.  Our host will be Rev. Melissa Drake, currently Associate Director of Congregational Excellence of the Iowa Annual Conference and is the incoming Superintendent of the Southwest District. Melissa has a passion for small, rural churches. 

4/23/2020: Youth Ministry: Staying Connected  

Youth Ministry: Staying Connected - Are you a youth group leader or Sunday School teacher? Wondering how to stay connected with the kids and youth? Are you looking for ways to encourage them in faith when you cannot meet face-to-face? Have some thoughts or ideas to share with others on this topic? If so join us for a Good Idea Webinar with our guest Kelsie DeReus, Director of Youth and Connectional Mission at First United Methodist Church in Marion, IA using this link 

“None of us were trained for this, but I think back to Paul, when he wrote the letters to the various cities and he would often express his yearning to be with them, but despite not being able to be with them he could still encourage them on in the faith,” DeReus said “That’s where we are at in youth ministry right now. While we yearn to be with our students, to disciple them, we simply cannot.”    

During this webinar DeReus will be discussing the strategy for ministry that some of their student leaders, Tyler Hungate, and she put together not only to stay connected, but to encourage them on in this time. DeReus has been with Marion church for about 2 ½ years. She and her family are very passionate about youth ministry, discipleship, and shaping leaders. She is the proud parent of 4 year old, Brinley, and 2 year old, Daxton, who like to call the youth students their friends, and often have Jesus dance parties with them. The host for this Good Idea Webinar will be Rev. Dr. Jaye Johnson, Director of Congregational Excellence for the Iowa Annual Conference.