NW Detroit Flood “muck-out” teams needed!

NW Detroit Flood “muck-out” teams needed!

June 27, 2016

 From Rev. Becky Wilson, Coordinator of The Northwest Detroit Flood Recovery Project of The United Methodist Church.

Brethren Disaster Ministries is doing great work on rebuilds and is also trying to assist with muck-outs but is in need of additional volunteers for muck-out teams. Currently the muck-out teams are working on about a dozen homes with projects that range in size from big to small.

A UMC team that volunteered from Columbus, OH earlier in the spring was able to complete eight muck-outs in the five days they were there.
Brethren Disaster Ministries is looking to recruit some skilled team leaders (for muck-outs and/or rebuilds). The Brethren have committed volunteers through the fall and has additional groups (UMC and other) on the calendar too. With additional team leaders they will be able to open up more projects on any given week. They can provide food and lodging. 
If this is your calling and are willing to put together a team or offer leadership skills for a week or two in Detroit, please contact: 

Rev. Rebecca Wilson
18900 Joy Rd. Detroit, MI 48228
Office: 313.646.4052
Cell: 313.610.2211
Email: [email protected]
FYI - Becky will be at the RoundUP, telling the story of the flood recovery in NW Detroit!  Come and be a part of this mission event and hear what Becky has to say!      

Picture: Rev. Becky Wilson at the fall Academy in Iowa, 2015