One Day "Shaping the Prayers of the People" Class at Cornell College

One Day

January 29, 2020

On Saturday, March 14, 2020, the School for Lay Ministry is offering a one-day Advanced Class on prayer at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA.

This class is intended to empower and equip laypeople and clergy alike to offer heartfelt, informed, thoughtful, and appropriate prayers on behalf of the people of God. The required text book, Shaping the Prayers of the People by Samuel Wells and Abigail Kocher is available at Cokesbury or Barnes and Noble

As Wells says, Interceding in public worship is a duty. This book is intended to make it a joy. Shaping the Prayers of the People begins by considering what public prayer is and offering practical guidelines for avoiding common pitfalls. It explores prayers as an integral part of worship and discusses the kind of language we need (and don't need) to address God. Finally, the book provides an array of example prayers along with commentary.

Register today for this Advanced class from the School for Lay Ministry

This class counts as the required prayer class for a Lay Speaker or a Certified Lay Minister.

The hours for this class is from 9 am to 5 pm. Lunch, which is part of your tuition, will be available. You are invited to eat dinner with the SLM students Saturday evening at a cost of approximately $9 per person.

This class is held at Cornell College, 600 First Street SW in the Thomas Commons building. That address is 810 Commons Circle SW. You can check Cornell’s website at or for the location of the specific addresses if you are not acquainted with the Mt. Vernon area. A campus map is here. Driving directions are here.

Continuing Education Units are available for those needing one. Contact class registrar, Barb Mann at [email protected] once class is over and a certificate will be sent to you.

If ordering books from Cokesbury, go to or call their toll-free number in Nashville 1-800-672-1789. Be sure to check out any special shipping options that are mentioned when ordering any books from Cokesbury. To cut down on the cost, be sure to check with your pastor, SLM graduates, Barnes & Noble or other bookstores, seminary libraries, public libraries,, etc.

Should you need lodging, a list of lodging locations in the Mt. Vernon area are here along with the Parking Permit you will need when you park at the Cornell Campus. Any questions, email Barb Mann at [email protected].