On the Way Back Together - 2 of 6

On the Way Back Together - 2 of 6

September 24, 2021

This six-part series and additional resources are provided through the work of Iowa Conference Parish Development.  

On the Way Back Together - part 2 of 6

This six-part series and additional resources are provided through the work of Iowa Conference Parish Development.  
Here we are, deep in what has become an extended liminal space; a space where we are on the threshold of what comes next, even when we aren’t sure what the “next” will become.  In 2003 Richard Rohr shared these thoughts on liminal space:  “Let me first explain what I mean by liminal or sacred space (I will use the terms almost interchangeably). “Limina” is the Latin word for threshold, the space betwixt and between. Liminal space, therefore, is a unique spiritual position where human beings hate to be but where the biblical God is always leading them. It is when you have left the “tried and true” but have not yet been able to replace it with anything else. It is when you are finally out of the way. It is when you are in between your old comfort zone and any possible new answer. It is no fun. Think of Israel in the desert, Joseph in the pit, Jonah in the belly, the three Marys tending the tomb.” (  Whether we are wounded, waiting, anticipating, or moving forward, the space we are in has potential to be a threshold for God to move in ways we have yet to imagine, a spiritual space.
The question to ask ourselves now is how we find our way to a place of allowing ourselves to experience grief, healing, and a reconnection to those relationships that themselves have become part of this liminal space?  Where do we find the strength or the want-to in our lives, which have been heaved from the known in a way a large majority of us have never experienced, for healing in a way we were not aware may be necessary?


While we often just jump across a threshold and dive into whatever we find on the other side, as we’ve mentioned before, these times are not like most of us have experienced before.  As the first step toward healthy reconnections to God, self, and others, a healing service within the faith community is the movement toward the beginning of healing relationships, both as a result of actions of others, and those actions we have participated in as well.  
To this end, you will find a Service of Healing with this installment.  Please make this service or elements of this service a part of your faith community’s movement toward a healthy reconnection process.  You are free to make this service your own, and use it as you are best able in your setting. 
As we share what we hope are some helpful tools or resources, know that we are very aware that we are all at different places at different times in whatever process in which we are moving through.  This includes times of healing, moving forward, or sitting just a bit longer in the sacred space you are currently experiencing.  Know we are here to assist you and your faith community as you move through each moment of liminal space, whenever that may occur.   
In the next three weeks you will find reflections concerning three major relationships that we have in our lives; God, Self, and Others.  We welcome the sharing of your reflections and experiences concerning relationships of every kind in this unique time in our lives.  Also welcomed, would be your suggestions concerning how Iowa Conference Parish Development, or other resources, might be able to help you through this time of Reconnecting Our Relationships.  

A Service of Healing