Permanent Partners for Nigeria

Permanent Partners for Nigeria

August 03, 2016

A goal of the Iowa Nigeria Partnership is to encourage more Iowa United Methodist Congregations to become permanent partners.  A permanent partner enters into a long-term relationship with a congregation, a village or an institution in Nigeria.  

Some examples of permanent partners:  
Grandview UMC in Dubuque (pictured) has matched itself with the small, rural village of Damka, where they spent considerable time just getting to know each other.  The result is a new church, a well, school assistance, and real friendships between the congregations.

Cedar Falls First UMC first helped Banyam Seminary with a computer lab project, and that led to a face-to-face meeting which led to more projects and more partners including Living Faith Parish (Monona) and the construction of a medical clinic on the seminary grounds.  

Our permanent partners often talk about how their new global perspective has changed the way they find universal truth in the Gospel of Jesus.   They also enjoy sharing the celebrations of life with people around the world who, as it turns out, aren’t really that different, after all.   If you’re excited about the opportunity to unite with Christians in this African nation, the Iowa Nigeria Partnership can help connect you.     

The Iowa Nigeria Partnership welcomes your support through monetary gifts and through active involvement.  Money may be safely sent through your local United Methodist Church to the Iowa Conference Treasurer marked:  INP, #230.  

to arrange a program for your church, contact:  
Sue Kromminga INP president, 319-269-4643
Julie Kinsella  INP vice president, 563-564-6044
Mark Fransdal, INP board member, 319-269-5580
Chris Congdon, INP media, 319-296-8482

connect online:
facebook: Iowa Nigeria Partnership
YouTube Channel: Iowa Nigeria Partnership