Please pray for Dean Deng’s family and members of the Mabaan South Sudanese UMC

Please pray for Dean Deng’s family and members of the Mabaan South Sudanese UMC

November 17, 2021

Some of you may know the tragic incident last Sunday that one of the victims of the shooting in Des Moines was an 18-year-old young man whose family is members of the Mabaan South Sudanese United Methodist Church. His name was Dean Deng. The family and the whole church family are devastated by the loss of their beloved son. I would like to ask you to prayerfully surround them with love and support, as they seek healing, peace, and comfort. The Mabaan people are coming from across the country to join the funeral service this weekend. They are the beloved community to support this family in this difficult time.

In particular, the family needs financial support to cover the costs of the funeral. If you want to give them financial support, please send a check to:
Des Moines First/Mabaan United Methodist Church
1001 Pleasant St., Des Moines 50309
with Mabaan Funeral on the memo line.  

Would you please join me in prayer in support of this family and the Mabaan community and Pastor Aaron Limmo?

Let us pray:
O God of love,
God of mercy,
We thank you for your everlasting presence in our lives.
In this time of deep grief over the loss of Dean Deng who was the beloved son of the Mabaan community,
We ask for your comfort and peace upon the family and friends, 
We may not know everything, but we do know that you are embracing the people in trouble and lifting them up for healing and peace.
May we all surround them with your love and give them our support in solidarity. 
May your peace be granted to those in sorrow and grief, as they find a light of hope in Christ our Lord.