In Mission Together (former Rainbow Covenant) reporting due February 15

In Mission Together (former Rainbow Covenant) reporting due February 15

January 22, 2020

The time has come to turn in your first IN MISSION TOGETHER missions reporting form for your church. This replaces the Rainbow Covenant form and it’s a new way of reporting. We hope you’ve attended one of the many explanation and training meetings that have been held around the Conference. You’ll be reporting both your GIVING and your SERVING information.
The new In Mission Together report form that replaces Rainbow Covenant is here.

In Mission Together encourages United Methodist Churches to support United Methodist mission on local, conference, national, and international levels, through giving, and sharing in relationship, to fulfill Matthew 25 (“Whatever you did for one of least of these, you did for me.”) and Matthew 28 (“Go into all the world and make disciples.”).
  • Reporting your giving and mission work is now as simple as can be!
  • The idea behind In Mission Together is that there is no wrong answer.
  • You can add as little or as much detail as you desire. 
  • Report your in-kind and financial donations.
  • Suggested giving goal is $3 per member for local, conference, national, and international categories for a total of $12 per member.
  • Iowa Conference Advance Specials
This category goes beyond financial giving. It involves interactions and relationship with those being served. Sitting down and engaging in conversation is relationship building. Doing this repeatedly over time is serving in relationship. In all service, try to establish relationships. On the form describe how or in what way you are in relationship with those you serve.

Partnering is shared empowerment. It’s a deeper and much more involved process. There is a long-term commitment.  Listening to the needs of the organization or group is essential. Sharing and planning is done together. Report your experiences, volunteer hours, gifts in local, conference, national, and international areas.
Local projects may include food pantries, schools, local relief, or non-profit organizations. Lists of suggested United Methodist Conference mission projects can be found at Lists of suggested United Methodist national and international projects may be found at

Forms are due by February 15 with recognition given at District Conferences. You’ll see your district mission chair’s name in RED to click on for the form and submission.

Click here to download form-fillable pdf. Print and mail to District Missions Secretary in your district if you’d rather not do the online form.

Kay Oliver 
5460 Greenwood Ave
Pleasant Hill, Ia 50327
[email protected]
East Central
Sue Hattel (Susan Hattel)
3070 Kane Court
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
[email protected] 
Cell 563-599-4497 (leave message for return call)
H 563-556-1394
North Central
Doug Harding 
PO Box 266
Colo, IA 50056-0266
[email protected]
Ken & Barb Bazyn
3994 T Ave
Chelsea, IA 52215-9069
641- 489-2315
[email protected]
Beth Odor 
930 W 12th St.
Spencer, IA 51301
[email protected]
South Central
Janice Bolger 
PO Box 1088
Centerville, IA 52544
[email protected]
Dorothy Henson 
1103 South B St
Fairfield, IA 52556
cell: 641-233-7084
[email protected]
Cathy Nutting 
PO Box 66
Orient, IA 50858 
[email protected]

Iowa Conference Mission Secretary (aka Mission Education Chairperson)
Elizabeth Odor
903 W 12th St.
Spencer, IA 51301-3151
[email protected]