School for Lay Ministry has a new associate dean and is now a two-year program

School for Lay Ministry has a new associate dean and is now a two-year program

July 08, 2022

By: Marsha Gerot, chair of the School for Lay Ministry

Kate Kitzman, a recent School for Lay Ministry (SLM) graduate, has been appointed Associate Dean to SLM. Kate has over fifteen years of experience serving in ministry and church leadership. She specializes in vocational discernment and development through a theological lens. She has held this position for the past year and has proven to be effective and to be a blessing to SLM. Kate will serve as Dean starting in January of 2023.

John Rothlisberger, Dean at the Conference Center site, resigned last year. The current Dean, Lynn Calvert, will take on the role of Associate Dean in January of 2023 for one year after serving as Dean for ten years. 

We are excited about these changes, and we are certain the School for Lay Ministry will continue to be a quality program for the laity and clergy of the Iowa Conference. 

School for Lay Ministry is now offered as a two-year program. We still have 12 classes, with six offered each year. One can opt to take one to six classes per year. Plans are now being made to offer additional classes. All classes are open to all laity and clergy. An application form can be found on the School for Lay Ministry webpage.

Classes are offered via zoom on a Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Often a pre-class paper is required, and always a post-class paper is required for completion of each class.

Please prayerfully consider joining us and/or encouraging others in your congregation to take advantage of this excellent program.