School for Ministry ends

School for Ministry ends

January 05, 2018

The School for Ministry, the multi-day experience of worship, enrichment and resourcing, and renewal, has come to an end.  The commission voted, on November 16, 2017, to officially end its existence.

For many years the school for ministry has been the continuing education choice for many United Methodist clergy in the state of Iowa. Over the years it has had an array of highly qualified faculty members, was held top-notch facilities and offered the best value possible for clergy of the Iowa Annual Conference.

Many factors caused this to be the right decision for this time including decreased attendance, completion of larger learning opportunities and the cost, both financially and physically, of running the school.

The Commission noted that it is in the process of meeting its financial obligations. Any remaining funds will be disbursed to the Board of Ordained Ministry to be used for assisting clergy with alternate continuing education opportunities.

“The commission would like to thank the Bishop and Cabinet for their support by word and presence over the years,” said Rev. Ron Carlson, Commission chairperson. “Their willingness to attend and fully participate made our school unique and vibrant. We would also like to thank the Board of Ordained Ministry for their support and grants.”

The Commission expressed its thanks to everyone who has served on the commission in the past.  It noted that committed, creative leadership enabled the school to make a difference in the ministry of the Iowa Annual Conference.  The Commission was also deeply grateful for all who attended the school over the years.