#StillinMission featuring Rev. Doug Williams

#StillinMission featuring Rev. Doug Williams

June 18, 2021

Rev. Douglas Williams, a former clergyman from the Iowa Conference, has been serving as a United Methodist Missionary in Argentina. Williams has many friends and supporting churches in Iowa and was here in 2018 for itineration. Due to Covid-19 and the travel bans, he has been unable to return to visit his supporting churches. 

Now there is an opportunity to meet with him in a program from Global Ministries called “#StillinMission.” These are monthly episodes that feature United Methodist missionaries. Williams will be featured in the 33 Episode on July 22 at 11 AM. You can register to “attend” this episode where you will see and hear from him about his mission work in Mendoza, Argentina. 

On the challenge of mission, Williams states in his bio: “Our world is becoming a global community and God wells up in me the desire to be part of seeing God’s peace expand and renewal takes place. There are so many challenges that face us and time and time again God reveals in every challenge an opportunity for growth and healing.”  

Those of you in his supporting churches or his friends, please sign up for the Still in Mission Episode, gather your people together on 7/22, enjoy a bowl of soup and sandwich and visit with Rev. Williams. 

#StillInMission Episode 33   |   July 22   |   12:00 PM EDT

Doug Williams, Osias Segura Guzman, Oscar Quevedo Garcia, Kenneth Koome

Register here:  https://gbgm.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0odu2sqj0sGNDe3t_M5ULQScGGQsMwI5yd