Take Noisy Offering to benefit MUMM

Take Noisy Offering to benefit MUMM

January 21, 2020

Mobile United Methodist Missionaries (MUMM) has been working within the Iowa Annual Conference for 22 years with a  mission to make disciples of Christ in rural Iowa. In that time, they’ve helped communities recover from disasters and rebuild; offered Bible studies, camp and Vacation Bible School (VBS); helped families with basic needs and shared God’s love through everything they do. Currently, they serve in the Southeast, South Central and Southwest districts.

MUMM has been largely supported through grants funded by the conference apportionments, District Askings, and donations. With the changes within the denomination, MUMM seeks additional funding and asks churches to consider letting their children lead the way with a Month of Noisy Offerings to benefit MUMM.

Mobile United Methodist Missionaries tell their VBS and camp kids that even they can make a difference in the world through their daily actions—from the smile they give another to sharing stories. Any funds raised will be a blessing that helps keep MUMM on the road serving here in Iowa. These donations can be sent to the Iowa Annual Conference Advance Special #311. 

The MUMM board and staff thank you for considering this request. Please remember, that they are here to serve you if you need help with outreach in your community, especially to kids and families. Just ask!

Mobile United Methodist Missionaries (MUMM) Director Cherie Miner, (712) 370-5068, cminer5068@gmail.com
Sr. Summer Asst. Allison Engel, (641) 660-7381, allison.marie.engel@gmail.com