The Circuit Ministry Transition Team hosts third Circuit Leader meeting

The Circuit Ministry Transition Team hosts third Circuit Leader meeting

January 29, 2021

On January 23, 2021, the Circuit Transition Team hosted the third set of circuit development meetings for the leaders of the pilots.    

The Purpose of Circuit Ministry is to develop a circuit of missionally effective clergy and laity leading together in partnership through: 

  1. Leadership Multiplication 
  2. Missional Accountability & Oversight 

“We’re listening to our circuit pilots and making adjustments with our training as we go and getting positive feedback from those who originally expressed concern,” said Rev. Bill Poland, Director of New Faith Communities, and member of the Circuit Transition team. “We are learning that this process has to be as adaptive and nimble as possible to continually reflect and adjust as we implement circuits.” 

The Transition Team has broadened how the circuits can function around the central focus on training leaders in the L3 process (Loving, Learning, Leading) that will be the base of all circuit teams. 

“We have defined the essentials of circuits to be the process of Loving God and each other through worship, prayer, and covenant; Learning new ways to be in ministry and in the ongoing implementation of ministry through the process of Reflect, Adjust and Do (RAD) and Leading adaptively with Ministry Action Plans (MAPs). We will do this with four types of accountability: missional, relational, vocational, and spiritual,” said Poland. 

In February, the Transition Team will begin training the potential new Circuit clergy and lay leaders in these districts partnering with the District Superintendents.  

“We are trying our best to get this right and are learning as we are moving forward. We are still working towards having all circuits in place and functioning by July 1, 2021,” said Poland.   

Currently, these are the newly formed circuits in each district:  

Central District – DS: Rev. Dr. Heecheon Jeon | Coach: Rev. Dr. Lanette Plambeck 

  • North Metro Circuit 
    •  Clergy Circuit Leader (CCL): Craig Ferguson 
    • Lay Circuit Leader (LCL): Angela Hansen Abbas 
Northeast District – DS: Rev. Dr. Moody Colorado | Coach: Rev. Paul Wilcox 
  • Delco Circuit
    • CCL: Phil Rodgers 
    • LCL: Gail Jents 

Northwest District – DS: Rev. Ron Carlson | Coach: Rev. Ryan Christenson 

  • Iowa River Valley
    • CCL: Erling Schultz 
    • LCL: vacant 
  • PPKH (name subject to change)
    • CLC: Leila Disburg 
    • LCL: Deb Eastin 

Southeast District – DS: Rev. Doug Cue | Coach: Rev. Dr. Jaye Johnson 

  • Johnson County
    • CCL: Barrie Tritle 
    • LCL: Lynn Calvert 
  • Lee-Van Buren  
    • CCL: Kayla Lange-Carney 
    • LCL: vacant 
  • Scott County United Methodists
    • CCL: Heather Dorr 
    • LCL: Brian Popelka 

Southwest District – DS: Rev. Melissa Drake | Coach: Rev. Bill Poland 

  • Adair, Cass, Guthrie  
    • CLL: LaTonya Caldron 
    • LCL: Brooke Boals 
  • Hispanic Circuit
    • CLL: Humberto Gonzalez 
    • LCL: Vacant 

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