The Iowa Preaching and Worship Institute is taking applications

The Iowa Preaching and Worship Institute is taking applications

November 22, 2019

The Iowa Preaching and Worship Institute is taking applications. Meeting quarterly for two days of immersion, this is an eighteen-month program of six retreats designed to support, resource and connect those who preach regularly in an effort to expand their styles of preparation and presentation, resource to relevant and creative design, and provide a means for richer supports and overall effectiveness.

This Institute is designed to develop preachers in a model of immersion that brings together the practice of ministry, deep theological exploration, contextual ministry and their preaching identity.  

During each retreat, participants hear from respected folks from inside and outside of the Conference—both practitioners and faculty—and will meet in praxis groups to experience mini-worship, engage sermons, reflect on presentation and review content and delivery. Additionally, at each retreat, participants will have opportunity to dive deeper into styles of worship, seasonal/series development, writing and worship in response to human-made or natural disasters and so much more.  

The 2020-2021 Iowa Preaching and Worship Institute is supported by the George Dane Foundation, Iowa City and the tuition of each participant. 

Dates for the Preaching and Worship Institute over the are: 
Jan. 20-21, 2020; April 20-21, 2020; July 20-21, 2020; October 19-20, 2020; January 18-19, 2021 and April 19-20, 2021.  Each participant is expected to make a full commitment to these dates. All but the July session will be held at Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Center in Indianola, IA.
All those who preach regularly are eligible to apply. Deadline: December 15, 2019. Cost is $600 which includes room and board for each retreat. If there are texts for any of the sessions; these will be an additional expense and will be determined by the guest lecturer/practitioner. Payments are an option and each participant will receive CEU's.