Tornado season is upon us

Tornado season is upon us

May 16, 2019

Tornado season is typically June through October for the Midwestern states. During every month of the year, tornados can and have struck in Iowa. Storms can develop suddenly and move quickly.  
The long range forecast is for a very unstable weather system this summer.  Beginning this week (May 16, 2019) we have severe storms predicted for most of Iowa beginning today and going thru Sunday/Monday. These storms can produce heavy rain, strong winds, hail and possible tornados.

Now is the time to take a few minutes and get prepared!

While there is no way to prepare for everything that could potentially happen to you or around you, our suggestion is to spend some time thinking and talking about what you need to do for you and your family and make a plan from there.
We do not want to frighten anyone, BUT, all the predictions from the National Weather Service have been for stronger and more severe weather in our forecast for spring and summer 2019. It’s best to get prepared now.
Have a plan for where you can take shelter. This is a good policy for anywhere you go, look around and find the best place for shelter and the best place to exit if needed. Make sure everyone in your home, office, church, school, ball-team, etc. KNOWS where to seek shelter.  
In your home, have some items in your “Safe place” for when you need to shelter. A list of things to have is available is here or contact  disaster.response@iaumc for a copy to be sent to you.
Create a backpack or other small bag ready with some essential items for if you need to leave your home suddenly for every member of your family. You also could leave these in the family vehicle. 
Know the difference between a WATCH (conditions are favorable for a tornado to form) and a WARNING (a tornado or severe storm is in your area – take cover). A good way to remember the difference is that warning has an “r” in it, that means RUN. 
Pay attention to the weather and the upcoming the forecast. Every local television station in Iowa has a free “Weather App” for your smart phone and there are many services that will alert you if a storm is nearing your location.
If your home, community or church have been affected by storms (tornado, rain, wind, flood) The Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church has resources to help. Each district has a Disaster Response Coordinator (a list of coordinators follows) or contact your district office.
Please keep all those who have been impacted by storms in your prayers.
Catie Newman
IAUMC Disaster Response Coordinator
Iowa Annual Conference
Of The United Methodist Church
Disaster Response Coordinators (DRC)

Disaster Response Conference Coordinators

Catie and John Newman, CDRC or
Catie 712-899-4067  phone or text  

District Disaster Response Coordinators (DDRC)

Southwest – Vicki Wedemeyer-Shriver,
North Central – Gary and Shirley Haupert,
Gary - 515-391-0322, Shirley - 515-391-1025 
Central – Bill Gibbons 
South Central – Sharoll and Hal Edmundson,
East Central – Andrew Happ,
Northeast – Phil Rogers,
Southeast – Don Timmermann,
Northwest – Jena Manchester,