UM churches ready for RAGBRAI

UM churches ready for RAGBRAI

July 17, 2018

The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is only a few short days away. According to RAGBRAI's official website, in 44 years, RAGBRAI has passed through 780 Iowa towns, spent the night in 125 different overnight towns and with the completion of the 25th ride in 1997, has been in all of Iowa’s 99 counties. RAGBRAI has been through 80 percent of the incorporated towns in Iowa.

With that in mind, several United Methodist churches have begun preparing for the approximately 8,500 registered riders that will descend on towns from Onawa to Davenport. 

If your church is hosting riders this year for a meal or event, let us know!

Photo of Linda Harding and Katy McKinney serving the pre-riders as they came through Colo on June 6th. Courtesy of the Des Moines Register.

Methodist Pie and Baked Goods

The Colo United Methodist Church will have a food booth for RAGBRAI, on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. Our menu will be simple, Methodist Pie and baked goods. The food booth committee is co-chaired by Linda Harding and Susan Stockdale.

The community of Colo is getting ready for RAGBRAI. Our town's committee is Co-Chaired by two United Methodists: Rev. Douglas Harding and Andrew Short. We are ably assisted by our city clerk, Amy Kohlwes, another United Methodist. Many other UM serving on the committee, as well as with other non-profits planning to serve food.

Submitted by Pastor Douglas Harding

Aloha RAGBRAI Riders

Ragbrai 2018 will be coming to Newton on July 25th. First UM Church of Newton is serving an Aloha RAGBRAI beef and noodles supper with pies for dessert. Money raised from this event will be directed to the Furnace Fund and building repairs. The church has 15 furnaces that are aging and need to be replaced. The photo is most of the committee which has been working hard as they show off some of the signs they will be using. Volunteer sheets were set up asking for the congregation to donate one hour or more of time to help with this event.

Submitted by Pat Drew


Open Doors

RAGBRAI — a very familiar week of activity for all Iowans. This year the week-long bike trip will be coming through Sigourney, Iowa, where the group will be spending the night.

In preparation for this week, one of the persons who had been a part of the area at one time in his life sent an email from his home in Minnesota asking if it would be possible for that one evening for he and a few of his companions to spend the evening sleeping at the church instead of staying overnight in Sigourney. They wanted to sleep on the lawn and, if they were open to it, have access to the restroom and water. The church is very excited about this opportunity to do as Jesus said and open the door to this group who is knocking. The church feels as if this is their way of "treating others the way we would want to be treated" and provide a peaceful and safe respite for those coming into their home. This is the churches way of putting Jesus' spiritual hospitality suggestion into practice for those beyond their community!

Submitted by Dr. Charles Klink