UMC connection responds to the invasion of Ukraine

UMC connection responds to the invasion of Ukraine

March 03, 2022

Ukraine pastor and Eurasia bishop reflect on the invasion of Ukraine

Rev. Dr. Fred Vanderwerf, Southern Prairie District superintendent from the Minnesota Annual Conference, and his wife Stacy spent eight years as missionaries in Ukraine. He recently interviewed two United Methodists with unique perspectives on the situation there: Pastor Volodymyr Prokip, who leads a student ministry in Lviv, Ukraine, and Bishop Eduard Khegay, resident bishop of the Eurasia Episcopal Area (which includes Russia and Ukraine). You are welcome and encouraged to download and share these videos.
  • 'God is with those who are crying': Thoughts from a United Methodist pastor in Ukraine: UMC Pastor Volodymyr Prokip in Lviv, Ukraine shares his thoughts on the current crisis, the immediate needs, and the response. He also reflects on where he sees God at work, what crisis brings out in people, and how we might help.  Watch video
  • The invasion of Ukraine: How we might respond: Bishop Eduard Khegay, resident bishop of the Eurasia Episcopal Area, reflects on the war, the trauma Ukrainians are facing, how we might respond, and how he is personally wrestling with Russia’s future.  Watch video
DONATE: To support the student ministry led by Pastor Volodymyr Prokip, give to Advance #14055A. To support broader humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people, including help for Ukrainians fleeing to other countries, give to Advance #982450, UMCOR International Disaster Response and Recovery.

A former General Board of Global Ministries Missionary to Ukraine writes the following:

Dearest ministry partners and friends,

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus, and greetings from Vienna.

Our hearts are heavy with grief over the invasion and bombardment of Ukraine by Russian forces. The suffering has already been great, and it appears that many dark days and nights lie ahead.

For most of the past decade, I served as a GBGM missionary in Kyiv, in partnership with the United Methodist Church of Ukraine. Although United Methodists in Ukraine are relatively small in number, they are believers with large hearts who have faithfully witnessed the gospel through word and deed in their communities.

Today, in the midst of war, United Methodists continue to serve others. As many thousands across Ukraine are fleeing their homes in search of safe sanctuary, UMC congregations in western Ukraine are opening their hearts and doors, providing food, shelter, and other forms of emergency care to families in need.

Many of you have contacted me in recent days, asking how you might assist the Ukrainian people. Through The Advance, the donation platform of the UMC Board of Global Ministries, there are two ways that you can give in support of those fleeing war in Ukraine:

Advance #14053A: Eurasia In Mission Together -- Ukraine and Moldova. Donations to this Advance account will be quickly transferred to the bank account of the UMC of Ukraine, which has a system in place to receive these donations, put them to immediate use, and provide reporting on the usage of these funds. To donate, go to:

Advance #982450: UMCOR International Disaster Response. Donations to this Advance account will be directed to UMCOR, which is already partnering with agencies on the ground in Eastern and Central Europe to assist those displaced by the fighting. Donations to this account should be designated "for Ukraine." To donate, go to:

Yours in Christ,
Rev. John Calhoun
Pastor, English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Vienna
Sechshauser Strasse 56, Vienna, Austria
GBGM Advance #13970Z

United Methodists respond to Ukraine invasion 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought calls for prayer and statements of deep concern from United Methodists, as well as a first-hand account from a United Methodist in harm’s way.  Read article

Agency, Native caucus decry Ukraine invasion

The United Methodist Board of Church and Society has condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Native American International Caucus (NAIC) of The United Methodist Church is calling the invasion “reprehensible” and offering special support to indigenous groups within Ukraine.  Read Church and Society statement / Read NAIC statement