Union County UMC Actively Helping Kids Get Beds

Union County UMC Actively Helping Kids Get Beds

November 16, 2021

Submitted by Debra Goerndt, In Mission Together, and John Walsh, Chapter President Sleep in Heavenly Peace Union County

Sleep In Heavenly Peace is a registered non-profit organization providing beds for children ages 3 - 17 who are sleeping on the floor, couch, or other uncomfortable situations. The Union County Chapter of SHP was organized in March of 2021. To date, the chapter has built 50 beds and delivered 10. A list of 20 children are waiting for the chapter to receive delivery of mattresses so that they too can get up off the floor and have a good night's sleep in their own bed.

The United Methodist Churches of Union County have been actively involved with Sleep In Heavenly Peace. The churches have provided funds to assist in the purchase of materials, equipment, and tools. Members of these congregations have also volunteered to assist in the building of the beds.

John Walsh, Union County Chapter President explains it this way, “The Methodist Churches in Union County have taken seriously the call to help others. Their members have been generous with their time, talent, and treasure. Furthermore, they have involved members from all age groups from seniors citizens to teenagers. Our community build in August was successful in large part because of the involvement of members of the Union County Methodist Churches."

There are over 280 chapters of Sleep In Heavenly Peace in the United States. To learn more about how to get involved with a chapter in your area go to and click on Find My Chapter. If you can’t find a chapter in your area, consider starting one. Click Start a Chapter to begin the process of helping to make a difference in your community.