Update on Vano Kiboko

Update on Vano Kiboko

February 03, 2016

The following update on Vano Kalembe Kiboko was provided by his brother, Rev. Kiboko Kiboko, superintendent of the East Central District

December 29, 2014

Vano Kiboko is sent to a maximum security prison called Makala for trying to defend basic human rights for the people of the Congo. He had invited the president of the Congo not to consider running for the third time which is against the constitution. He became dangerous to the regime. Vano was able to feed prisoners in his pavilion (200 to 300). He was able to bring medical doctors into prison to meet the medical needs of prisoners. The death rate in prison went down in 2015. He was able to baptize 700 people. He is a United Methodist lay person evangelist.

January 25, 2016

Vano Kiboko was transferred to a military prison for praying for peace on the Congo and for free presidential election. He is the only civilian. He did not eat the first 24 hours nor did he have his meds for diabetes. The Congolese Government is trying to kill him physically. He is accused of subversion.

What can you do for the Kibokos?
  1. Pray for peace in the Congo (DRC) 
  2. Contact Bill or Hillary Clinton and ask them to intervene. Why the Clintons? President Kabila has been placed in power by the government of Rwanda. Bill Clinton supports Paul Kagame's regime. I know that while Bill Clinton was president there was genocide in Rwanda (about 900,000 people were killed) in 1994. President Clinton did not do anything to stop the genocide. Now Paul Kagame's regime has killed over 12,000,000 in the past ten years in the Eastern part of the Congo while the civilized world has decided to close their eyes. Women, teenage girls, as well as babies have been raped in the Congo. We need help. The purpose of this information is a call to action. Former president Bill Clinton can intervene through Paul Kagame. 
  3. Encourage the Clintons to contact Rev Kiboko at 641-691-6672 for a conversation regarding the situation in Central Africa. I am Rev. Kiboko I. Kiboko, District Superintendent of the Iowa United Methodist Church for the East Central District.