"Wandering Into Grace" available to order today

February 18, 2020

"Last week my office at the Conference Center was so cold that I had to move elsewhere to work. I thought it was due to the intense cold and wind chill until someone finally checked the thermostat and discovered that the heat wasn’t working!" said Bishop Laurie.

"It reminded me of the night before my daughter Talitha and I crested the Larkya Pass in Nepal at 17,060 feet. Sleeping in a small stone hut with no heat and the wind howling all around us, we soon realized that we had to get creative in order to make it through the frigid night," she continued. "We put on every bit of clothes we had, headed toward a pub in the village, and asked if we could fill our water bottles with boiling hot water, which we then placed deep in our sleeping bags. Grace watched over us that night." 

Wandering into Grace is an excellent study book for Lent, with discussion questions for each chapter. Order your books today so that they will arrive before Lent begins on February 26. You may order by using this link. You can also listen to a podcast where Bishop Laurie talks about the book.

In addition, books will be available for purchase for $15.00 at district and conference events. All proceeds will be earmarked for mission.