A new perspective—Workshops AC2018

A new perspective—Workshops AC2018

June 09, 2018

Participants broke out into smaller groups for workshops to further explore different topics including mental health, discipleship, Justice For Our Neighbors, benefits and mission education. 

Two different workshops discussed mental health—a topic becoming increasingly important. 

One workshop gathered people in small circles to have conversations that prepared participants to lead similar conversations in their local churches. 

The other workshop held a panel with mental health clinicians who shared practical ways churches can make a difference in the mental health needs of their community. 

Amber Jerson, of Asbury United Methodist, attended the mental health panel. 

“It was really interesting to hear what they had to say because they were involved with churches, but also involved in mental health in Iowa and worked with clients, so they had both sides,” Jerson said. 

The workshops are interesting, provide a different perspective and serve as a guide to learn more about ways people in the conference can branch out to people in their communities. 

Jerson said she now can help the church find ways to branch out to the people within her congregation and the communities that are struggling with mental health issues.