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Charge Conference Information:

As you know, 2020 Charge Conferences look different this year.  However, the paperwork remains the same.  We have listened to your concerns and have located all the forms on your church dashboard.  That means they are all in one place.  The only exception to this is the SPRC Consultation Form which is located on the pastor's people dashboard.  The pastor is responsible for printing the form and giving it to the SPRC.  


Each church is required to submit four forms online.  (Board of Trustees Report, Historian Report, Membership Report and Mission and Ministry Plan for 2021). 

There are four other forms that need to be submitted online if they apply to your church (Certified Lay Minister, Lay Servant/Speaker Recommendation, Ministry Enlistment Report and  School for Lay Ministry Report).

All other reports/forms should be scanned and emailed to your District Administrative Assistant immediately following your Charge Conference.  These include:  Charge Conference Minutes (each church should have their own set of minutes, not each charge), a signed Pastoral Support (Form I), Leadership Report, Lay Servant/Speaker Annual Reports, signed Resolution Forms and any other reports (i.e. Nominations, Budget).

Click here to find the schedules for the Charge Conferences.