Mrs. Roseanne Crichton Freeburg



Mrs. Roseanne Crichton Freeburg, surviving spouse of Rev. Gordon N. Freeburg, passed away on February 9, 2017.


A Celebration of Life Service will be held tonight, March 9 at St. Francis United Methodist Church, Cary, NC.  


Rev. Freeburg served at Greeley-Oneida; Woolstock-Vincent; Davenport, Grace; Sioux Rapids (Yokefield UM & UCC); Northwood-Kensett; Cedar Rapids, Shueyville-(Meth-Wick Chaplain): New Sharon-Taintor and Conrad.  He retired in 1986.


Survivors include her children:  Bill Freeburg, Gordon Peterson, Merrilee Tomlinson and Minnetta Costa. 


Memorials may be given to the Saint Francis United Methodist Church Educational Scholarship Fund at 2965 Kildaire Farm Rd., Cary, NC 27518. Please make checks payable to SFUMC with "Educational Scholarships" on the memo line. Donations may be made online at (Follow the prompts and choose "Scholarship Fund" from the drop-down menu.)


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