New Places for New People/PATH I


During the summer of 2012 several district immersion events are being planned to provide churches and individuals who are interested in going deeper around developing community and building relations with new people in their communities.  These immersion sites can serve as “models” for how some churches are learning about – and learning from – their neighbors.  Take-home action steps will be identified that participants can implement back home.

The following locations across the conference have agreed to serve as host sites for immersion experiences.  The listing is sorted by district.  However, churches or individuals are welcome to cross district boundaries.  You are invited to identify a date, site and description of the event that most interests you.  Note that in order to keep the immersion opportunities true to their intended purposes, capacities are limited for several of the sites.  Additional Immersion Sites may be added throughout the next few months.  Check the Conference New Places for New People webpage ( àMinistriesàNew Places for New People) for additional immersion sites.  The currently scheduled immersion sites that be found at New Places for New People Summer Immersions



  For further information or questions, contact one of your Leadership Development Ministers: David Hobbs