June Nolte-Davis


Church Relationship

Please note that any addresses shown below are for the church shown and not for the individual. We do not publish individual addresses on our website.

Kellerton 555847

PO Box 56
Kellerton, IA 50133-0056

Beaconsfield 555005

c/o Ann Walters
1591 County Highway P68
Beaconsfield, IA 50074-4643


PO Box 56
Kellerton, IA 50133-0056

Humeston Christian (UM-D)

506 S Front St
PO Box 218
Humeston, IA 50123-0218
Phone: 641-877-4641

Russell, Faith

PO Box 486
Russell, IA 50238-0486
Phone: 641-535-4592