District Askings

What are District Askings? 
Each district approves and submits District Askings at the Spring District Conferences to provide support for additional ministries within each district. 

Pictured Rocks District Conference approved: May 1, 2022:
 Pictured Rocks District Asking for 2023 be
$3.50/member to be split two ways:

$1.00 to Iowa Migrant Movement for Justice (formerly known as Justice for Our Neighbors) and
$2.50 to Discipleship Growth, New & Emerging Congregations, Church Revitalization, and Campus Ministries.
(To receive the funding, the granting group/community must apply for grants through a grant application process.)

        **Pictured Rocks District Asking Grants Applications**
Applications must be completed, signed, and submitted online. 
             All applications received will be reviewed quarterly - 
            (March 31st, June 30th, September 31st, & November 30th)