Process Summary

Co-Missioned, the Missional Transformation Process developed by the Center for Parish Development in Chicago, is a two-year journey that provides an intentional, systematic way for congregations to embrace their future. 

A Co-Missioned coordinating team is selected by the local church council to guide the process and meet quarterly with other church teams for training, coaching, and sharing of best practices. Topics for the quarterly training events are listed below.

Workshop 1: Getting Ready for the Journey.

  • Hold a Bible Study to begin forming our church around God’s vision: “Behold: There Is a New Creation”.
  • Hold a congregational Conference on the Past.

Workshop 2: Discovering Our Missional Context.

  • Engage the worshiping congregation in testing some hypotheses about the realities we are facing (over a series of Sundays).
  • Hold a congregational Conference on the Present.
  • Complete the naming of highest priority opportunities/challenges facing us: “Discovering How Our Church Organization Works” survey.
  • Enlist a Vision Panel.
  • Get training with the Coordinating Team.

Workshop 3: Discerning God's Call.

  • Hold a congregational Bible Study for discerning God’s vision.
  • Hold a congregational Vision Retreat for sharing and testing personal visions (providing input for Guiding Vision).

Workshop 4: Navigating by God's Vision.


  • Draft and interact with a Guiding Vision.
  • Hold a Congregational Leaders Workshop to craft a Missional Strategy (to articulate our mission, key practices, participant groups, and core commitments).
  • Invite the congregation to engage and interact with the Missional Strategy.
  • Enlist and prepare leaders and members for shaping our future life and witness.

Workshop 5: Shaping Missional Life and Witness.

  • Hold a congregational Conference on the Future.
  • Engage the Design Teams in follow-up steps to develop a missional plan.
  • Shape and share plans with the congregation.
  • Decide to move into implementation of the plan.

Workshop 6: Living into a Faithful Future.

  • Equip and orient council and teams for their new ministry.
  • Plan to make the changes and manage the transitions.
  • Begin implementation.
  • Hold a Congregational Bible Study on becoming a missional community.
  • Continue regularly scheduled ongoing review and planning.

Read this brochure for additional highlights of the process.