Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC)

Web-Based Training Program for SPPRC

Module 1 - Qualities of SPPRC with Glossary of Terms

Module 2 - Healthy Practices for Growing Faithful and Effective Partnerships

Module 3 - The Ministry of Recruitment

Module 4 - Facilitating Difficult Conversations

Module 5 - Cross-Cultural Appointments

Module 6 - Aligning with Iowa Annual Conference HR, Pension, and Health


Please note: Modules 7 and 8 are currently undergoing revision and are not available.

Module 7 - Accountability and Support (Appointive Cabinet)

Module 8 - SPPRC Calendar Shaped by Tasks, Functions, and Context

Module 9 - Women Clergy and Church

Goal:  To provide a training opportunity and resource bank for Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committees so they may take leadership in growing healthy, faithful, and fruitful ministry partnerships.