Storms 2008

Storms devastated Iowa, beginning with the tornado of May 25, 2008.   Beginning on June 5 torrential rains began to swell the state’s rivers and cause reservoirs to overflow.  By June 14 major cities were under water, levees had given way, nearly all of the 99 counties were declared state disaster areas and 18 were declared federal disaster areas.

The flooding in Iowa is being called the worst situation since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Your prayers, time, energy and gifts are greatly needed and appreciated as this will be a long process of recovery for the various communities in Iowa.

Recovery efforts continue. Thank you for your help in 2009!

Pray for persons affected by natural disasters.

Volunteer online or call the Iowa Volunteer Hotline: 1.877.393.1607.

Donate funds to Advance Special #223 to support storm recovery efforts.

View this Storm Recovery Video to learn more.

Visit the Iowa Conference blog to read first hand experiences related to the flooding.

Local accounts of the damage may be seen at these related sites:


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