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Household uses for Borax

Cleaning Bucket Kit Items

Bucket Kit


We are making cleaning kits so they are ready to go if and whenIowa needs them!!

Our goal is 2-7 buckets per Iowa church.

View the video on how to assemble a Cleaning Bucket. Please omit the bleach from the kit.

UMCOR Instructions: What goes into a Cleaning Bucket. Please omit the bleach from the kit.

PDF File on How to Assemble a Cleaning Bucket.  Please omit the bleach from the kit.

Please consult the video (click here)on assembling Health Kits.  If you are not able to view the video, please consult the pdf document by clicking here.

Important!  Please remove cardboard packaging from combs, nail clippers and files, as well as any cardboard tags on hand and wash cloths. 

Epworth UMC in Des Moines is still a drop-off point for Iowa kits, and kits will also be accepted at the truck during Annual Conference.

Money for shipping and toothpaste can be sent to the Conference Center via your church.  Use #222 Disaster UMCOR Kits.  Do NOT include money with your kits!  It needs to be sent separately.

It took one individual volunteer 1.5 hours to remove all of the cardboard pieces from 38 kits!  Let’s all help Sager Brown by removing the cardboard in advance and save money on shipping costs!

 It was discovered that spiral notebooks purchased from Walmart have an American flag along with "Made in U.S.A.". If your church is filling school kits, take special notice of this. The flag and wording must be covered with a permanent marker or cut out. We need to make every effort to comply with UMCOR Depot policy as stated in the Thanksgiving Ingathering booklet--page 11.