Clergy Tax Information

Below are some helpful resources for local churches as they prepare W-2 information
for their Pastors and employees.


We want to remind you that the due date for distributing 2018 W-2’s & 1099-MISC’s to your recipients is a postmark date of January 31, 2019.  This is also the date that the summary forms, W-3 & 1096, are due to be filed (postmarked) with the IRS.


Please note that the Iowa Department of Revenue has requested that all W-2 & 1099 Forms be submitted to them electronically.  However, the Treasurer’s Office confirmed with them that churches having less than 10 forms can still be filed via paper.  Also, if a church does not have any state tax withholding to report on any of the W-2’s or 1099’s issued, they do not need to file any W-2’s or 1099’s with the state.  Forms only need to be filed if there has been state tax withheld.


We have included links to the IRS Instructions for each of these forms below for your reference.  We have a limited number of blank forms available to you if needed.  Forms can still be requested from the IRS at:


Form W-2 & W-3 Instructions:

Form 1099-MISC Instructions:

Form 1096 Instructions:


For the past few years, the Conference has offered an webinar providing instructions for your W-2 and Year-End Reporting needs.  This webinar was given on January 7, 2019, at 6 pm & January 8, 2019, at 12 pm.  There is a link to the video recording below as well the slides (in PowerPoint & PDF) used in the webinar.  This webinar went over the information regarding clergy W-2 preparation, 1099’s and addressed questions regarding year-end tax forms. At the Treasurer’s Office, we are available to direct you towards resources and answer general questions, but please seek assistance from a tax professional for questions regarding your specific tax circumstances.


You can reach Emily Graber, Senior Staff Accountant, at or 515-974-8923 with any questions not addressed in the webinar.


GCFA Clergy Tax Packet

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W-2 and Year End Reporting Webinar January 8, 2019 - Session 2 Recording

PowerPoint from Presentation (PPTX)

PowerPoint from Presentation (PDF)