UMECOSS Upcoming Classes

Fall 2023 – hybrid (one weekend in person, one weekend Zoom) 
121 Bible I: Introduction  
223 Worship and Sacraments  
324 Preaching  
523 Evangelism  

Tentative Spring 2024 – hybrid (one weekend in person, one weekend Zoom)
122 Theological Heritage I: Introduction 
123 Formation and Discipleship 
321 Bible III: Gospels 
322 Theological Heritage III: Medieval- Reformation 
524 Theological Reflections/Practice of Ministry**  

Tentative Fall 2024 – hybrid (one weekend in person, one weekend Zoom)
121 Bible I: Introduction 
224 Administration and Polity 
323 Congregational Care 
422 Theological Heritage IV: Wesleyan Movement 
521 Bible IV: Acts, Epistles, Revelation** 


  • Beginning in the Fall of 2019, you must take 121 or 122 as your first class. If you complete 121 first, you may then take any other Bible class or 122.  If you complete 122 first, you may then take any other Theology class or 121.  After you complete both 121 AND 122, you may take any other classes.  It is strongly advised that you take 100 level courses first, then 200 courses and so on.  These changes were made by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.
  • Please check your transcript carefully as you plan your schedule. If there are multiple classes that you could take in one term, you should choose the one with the lowest number; for example, for the fall of 2023, if you need to take 223, 324, and 523, you should take 223.  **Scheduling of 500 level classes for 2024 will be dependent on student needs and is subject to change.
  • If you need an official transcript, please contact GBHEM at