UMW Barbara Csomay Be Bold Grant Information

Application forms are now available for 2022 Barbara Csomay Be Bold Grants, which are awarded annually by Iowa Conference United Methodist Women.

Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to local UMW units in Iowa that want to begin a new project involving multiple members to serve the community. Grants of up to $500 will be awarded to units that are planning to repeat a project or have a on-going project involving multiple members.

In addition, grants of up to $500 will be available for women in ministry — clergy and laywomen — to participate in an educational event or class. It could be used for seminary, for School for Lay Ministry, for Mission u, for the Preaching Academy, etc.

The grants are made possible by major funds from the estate of Barbara Csomay (SO-may), a longtime UMW member from Kanawha, that were designated to Iowa Conference United Methodist Women. Csomay, a retired music teacher and band director, died in 2015. The purpose of the grants is to energize units and engage them in their communities with new initiatives.

Be Bold Grants will not be awarded to organizations that already receive money from Iowa Conference UMW. Grants from Barbara Csomay funds for the United Methodist Women national mission institutions in Iowa — Bidwell Riverside Center, Hawthorn Hill and Shesler Hall — will be considered annually, with the amount to be determined.

Only applications from local United Methodist Women units will be considered.

Deadline for submission is May 15, 2022. Grants will be awarded in late June 2022.  

Contact Iowa Conference UMW president Gladys Alvarez ( or treasurer Helen Pollock ( with questions.