Vision 2032 - Bishop Laurie's Conversations

Bishop Laurie Haller’s Conversations on the Ministry of Local Church and Conference Finances
As a follow up to Bishop Laurie Haller’s Epiphany Address, she will be hosting virtual conversations on the ministry of local church and conference finances.
These conversations will be held at four different times on two Saturday mornings. Please choose the time and date that works best for your attendance:

These conversations are for all local church pastors and lay members of local churches, especially for lay members who are key leaders in their churches. 
The health of our local churches is directly related to the financial health of the members and friends of our congregations. In the same way, the health of the Iowa Conference’s financial ministry is directly related to the financial health of local churches. When it comes to the ministry of Jesus Christ, we are all in it together. 
Bishop Laurie will provide an opening devotion for the conversations before leaders from the Conference Council on Finance and Administration provide information and invite questions and comments through the email,
All of these upcoming events will also be Livestreamed to the Iowa UM Church Facebook page.