Vision 2032

The Vision 2032 conversations in January were well attended across the Conference. Many thanks to the host churches and pastors and for everyone’s engagement. Specific proposals based upon the conversations held last fall were presented during the January conversations. These proposal may become action items for this year’s Annual Conference Session that could significantly change our work and life together in Iowa as United Methodists. You are encouraged to read them and comment on them. You may submit your comments, questions, and alternatives to the proposals by email at

If you would like to host a group of pastors and lay persons who were not able to attend one of the conversations, please contact the Bishop’s Operational Team at

Bishop Laurie has committed to being at all the district conferences this year to continue the Vision 2032 conversations and share any pre-General Conference updates that may come her way.

  • Central District                 Thursday evening, April 16
  • Southeast District            Saturday morning, April 18
  • East Central District        Saturday afternoon, April 18
  • Northeast District            Sunday afternoon, April 19
  • Southcentral District       Tuesday evening, April 23
  • Southwest District           Saturday morning, April 25
  • Northwest District           Saturday afternoon, April 25
  • Northcentral District       Sunday afternoon, April 26

More specific times and locations are in the works and should be announced soon.