Worship with the Cabinet

For the past several weeks, our clergy and laity have been working tirelessly to provide vital worship, pastoral care, and hope for our local churches in the Iowa Annual Conference. Many of our clergy, church staff, and worship teams are utterly exhausted in mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, Bishop Laurie is requiring those teams to find three days back-to-back between now and Pentecost Sunday, May 31, to experience rest, renewal, and sabbath. That means no work on those three days. To make it through the long haul, caring for your spirit is essential. We need you.

The cabinet has prepared a complete worship service so clergy, church staff, and worship leaders will have no responsibilities in that worship service, other than to be blessed.


For more information or assistance, email us at onlineworship@iaumc.org.

May 2020 — Eastertide Message of Hope

Presented by the Episcopal Office of The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church

This worship service has been planned for your inspiration and encouragement while providing a moment of rest for our local church leaders in this season of COVID-19. Please use it during the month of May.



You can view or download this video from Vimeo.com. There are three versions:


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You can download the audio file of the three different versions of the worship service by simply clicking on the DOWNLOAD tab just below the graphic of the sound file.